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Can You Use Uber In Punta Cana?

Uber in Punta Cana

Is there Uber in Punta Cana Airport?

As you plan your next trip to Punta Cana, you might be wondering is Uber in Punta Cana Airport? Due to local regulations and unions, Uber is not available in Punta Cana Airport (PUJ). But do not worry there are better ways to get around Punta Cana.

How Come?

Punta Cana has a long history of receiving tourist from all over the world. Many companies like rental cars, buses, taxies and private transportation providers help tourist get around. To protect these businesses and tourist alike, local transportation agencies denied Uber in Punta Cana. Transportation companies and drivers go through meticulous acceptance process from Transportation Agencies that Uber drivers do not. Without a doubt tourist receive the best from Punta Cana, like safe companies and screened drivers.


Tourist Safety is a priority for the Dominican Republic. At this time Punta Cana has three governmental agencies dedicated tourist safety. CETUR (Cuerpo Especializado De Seguridad Turistica), is dedicated to the health and safety of tourists. INTRANT (Instituto Nacional de Transito y Transporte Terrestre) and MITUR (Ministerio de Turismo) regulate the management of touristic transportation in Punta Cana. Every company and driver servicing in Punta Cana undergoes extensive background checks before approval to operate. These agencies provide layer of safety for tourist by monitoring all drivers. unlike unregulated Uber drivers that are not verified as thorough.

Why Vacation Shuttles?

Vacation Shuttles is a ground transportation provider, in the Punta Cana area for the past ten years. Vacation Shuttles is an affordable way to get around in Punta Cana. We not only offer transportation from Airport to Hotel, additionally we provide private tours to our customers. All our drivers have cleared required background checks and undergo continuous training on customer relations. We pride ourselves in providing chauffeur/ concierge experience to all our visitors with personalized tours and activities. Our well knowledgeable team along with our spacious, clean, and sanitized vehicles are the key to your next unforgettable Punta Cana vacation.

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