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Punta Cana Fishing

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Punta Cana Fishing


Check out the full Punta Cana fishing forecast for all types and the best baits and colors to use. Punta Cana offers many charter fishing services, but book early and pay attention to the season, depending on the type of fish you wish to catch, as charters can fill up quickly during high season.


One of the great things about Punta Cana is that you don’t have to drive for hours to get to the best shore fishing spots, but once you get there, it can take some time and luck to come across some giant fish. Punta Cana is one of the best fishing spots in the Caribbean and is teeming with plenty of wild fish. Deep sea fishing in Punta Cana, home to some of the biggest sport fishing competitions in the Caribbean, is a must for any avid angler. You will be amazed by all the catches if you are not an experienced deep sea fishing professional.


We spent four hours deep sea fishing in the Dominican Republic off Punta Cana and caught tuna, wahoo, and a few barracudas. In the first month of winter, we like to fish on wahoos and Dorado, and in my report, I will tell you about our last fishing in Punta Cana this year. My information will be about private fishing in the Dominican Republic, and this is almost the last fishing in 2019. For excellent fishing charters in Punta Cana – Bavaro, we have been running successful fishing seasons in the Punta Cana area and other destinations for over nine years. in the Dominican Republic.


We proudly present our robust line of Penn International branded 50 lb 80 lb reels and Shimano 120 lb 160 lb reels that pull blue marlin, white marlin, Atlantic sailfish, and yellowfin tuna. Mahi-mahi (Dorado), wahoo, barracuda, and more. At Big Marlin Fishing Charters Punta Cana, we use reels, rods, and equipment from Penn International, Shimano, Fin-Nor, Aftco, and others. Captain Angel will help you target blue marlin, Mahi, sailfish, spearfish, swordfish, wahoo, white marlin, and yellowfin tuna on this 8-hour thrilling adventure. Blue marlins are the kings of the ocean, and your chances of catching one on this trip could never be better. Blue Marlin, Barracuda, and Swordfish are fish you can count on.


While Billfish is the “last line of defense” for sports fishing, Mahi Mahi is always on the menu too. Along with mahi-mahi, they are the “bread and butter” fish that locals and tourists love to catch. Doma Mahi can grow up to 3 feet long and weigh between 10 and 90 pounds, depending on the time of year and luck. Avid anglers like to catch tarpon on the fly or with light tackle, and sometimes you can even catch them during ground fishing.


While fishing with us, you can be as practical as you want. Most fishing charters come with a captain or guide to help you find the best fishing spots and make your trip enjoyable. The captain is at your disposal, allowing you to fish close to shore and operate on the high seas to give you the best of both worlds.


Elsewhere, fishing is prohibited for safety reasons or because it is privately owned. Some of these places may be harder to get to, but it just means that there are fewer people fishing there, so there will be more catches for you.


We (Santa Elena Charters team), as usual, try our best to bring as many fish as possible to our fishing group. We will not sit in one place and apologize. The fish are not biting today. Our crew has 15 years of experience. We have long enough to know the rules of fishing.


Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, tuna, and Billfish thrive in the waters just a few miles off the coast of Punta Cana, creating unforgettable fishing experiences and unforgettable memories. Offshore fishing in Punta Cana is unique due to its proximity to nearby coral reefs, but the real treat that this Caribbean gem has to offer is offshore charter fishing. Bathing in the azure waters surrounding the fishing capital of the Dominican Republic is an experience you will never forget.


Whether you are a professional and experienced fisherman or this will be your first experience: you have contacted the best companies in the Dominican Republic to take you into the exciting world of deep sea fishing Punta Cana-Bava Punta Cana, Dominican Republic – Bavaro. If you’re targeting deep sea monsters like marlin, tuna, bull Mahi or wahoo, local information is invaluable for finding the best spots. Clicking the link below will take you to these Punta Cana fishing charters, where you can read reviews, learn more about the charter, view photos, and book online at the best price.


The deep sea fishing tour is fully customizable, which means participants choose whether they want a fully private charter, a group charter, or a pair charter. The tour provides all the necessary fishing equipment, licenses, transport, and refreshments. Lady Lola Island Marines will provide transportation from your resort to Cap Cana Marina, where you will set sail for a day at sea. For 10 hours, up to eight passengers fish aboard the Emily all day, with beer and lunch included.


Please check local, state/provincial, and federal laws before fishing for any species on this site. Whether you want to chase blue marlin with tackle, trolling, bottom fishing, diving, or jigging, this heavy-duty boat has you covered.



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