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Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo

Tourism In Santo Domingo

The Colonial Zone is one of the main tourist attractions in America’s first city. In the heart of Santo Domingo is the Colonial Zone, where you will find one of the oldest churches and the oldest surviving European fortress, as well as other novelties of the New World. The oldest church and the first cobbled street in America is located in the Santo Domingos Colonial Zone, but there are also many new businesses that reflect the growing presence of artists and activists. For Santo Domingos tourists, the Zona Colonial is the highlight of this city, where most of the major tourist attractions are located.

Located in the colonial district, Santo Domingo’s First Street is the oldest cathedral in the New World, built in 1523 in a mix of Gothic and Renaissance styles. Santo Domingo’s First Street contains some of the oldest buildings in the first city in the American Dominican Republic. The Alcazar de Colon was built in 1507 to protect America’s first city from British, French, and Portuguese pirates and conquerors.

The first city in the Caribbean is a fast growing city known for its colonial architecture, contemporary art and colorful boardwalk. Today, the first city in the Caribbean reflects a turbulent history with colonial architecture and looks to the future with a growing cultural scene. The tropical climate of the Dominican Republic, white sandy beaches, diverse mountain landscape and colonial history attract tourists from all over the world.

The main areas of tourist activity in the Dominican Republic are the eastern, northern, Santo Domingo and Barahona regions, but there is still growth in the interior, with many hiking or cycling trips in the mountains and fields. With all these offerings, you can easily spend your days in the historic center of Santo Domingo, which is why I even call it the best culture in the entire Dominican Republic. The app “takes you on a tour of 25 places of interest in the colonial city of Santo Domingo”, a free and unique service in the Dominican Republic, is one of the novelties launched at the DATE 2022 travel fair and is the destination.

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