Can You Use Uber In Punta Cana?

Uber in Punta Cana

Is there Uber in Punta Cana Airport?

As you plan your next trip to Punta Cana, you might be wondering if Uber is available in Punta Cana Airport? Due to local regulations and unions, Uber is not available in Punta Cana Airport (PUJ). But do not worry there are better ways to get around Punta Cana.

How Come?

Punta Cana has a long history of receiving tourist from all over the world. Many companies like rental cars, buses, taxies and private transportation providers help tourist get around. To protect these businesses and tourist alike, local transportation agencies denied Uber in Punta Cana. Transportation companies and drivers go through meticulous acceptance process from Transportation Agencies that Uber drivers do not. Without a doubt tourist receive the best from Punta Cana, like safe companies and screened drivers.


Tourist Safety is a priority for the Dominican Republic. At this time Punta Cana has three governmental agencies dedicated tourist safety. CETUR (Cuerpo Especializado De Seguridad Turistica), is dedicated to the health and safety of tourists. INTRANT (Instituto Nacional de Transito y Transporte Terrestre) and MITUR (Ministerio de Turismo) regulate the management of touristic transportation in Punta Cana. Every company and driver servicing in Punta Cana undergoes extensive background checks before approval to operate. These agencies provide layer of safety for tourist by monitoring all drivers. unlike unregulated Uber drivers that are not verified as thorough.

Why Vacation Shuttles?

Vacation Shuttles is a ground transportation provider, in the Punta Cana area for the past ten years. Vacation Shuttles is an affordable way to get around in Punta Cana. We not only offer transportation from Airport to Hotel, additionally we provide private tours to our customers. All our drivers have cleared required background checks and undergo continuous training on customer relations. We pride ourselves in providing chauffeur/ concierge experience to all our visitors with personalized tours and activities. Our well knowledgeable team along with our spacious, clean, and sanitized vehicles are the key to your next unforgettable Punta Cana vacation.

Punta Cana Travel Restrictions

Travel Restrictions to Punta Cana – 30/March/2021

Spring Break 2021 is here, and travelers are concern with the Travel Restrictions to Punta Cana.

Tourist have start to arrive to Punta Cana from all over the world once again. Flights are not arriving to Punta Cana as they did pre-pandemic, but we are seeing an increase of arrivals. This brings joy to our hear since it will help us to put more drivers on the line, this has been a tough year indeed. But here we are ready to serve like every other year before.

A lot of our customers are wondering about the restrictions to travel to Dominican Republic, specially to Punta Cana and here is the response form the U.S. Embassy in the Dominican Republic, most recent update as of March 30th, 2021.

Update From The U.S. Embassy in the Dominican Republic

Last updated:  [03/30/2021]

***  Effective January 26, all airline passengers to the United States ages two years and older must provide a negative COVID-19 viral test taken within three calendar days of travel. Alternatively, travelers to the U.S. may provide documentation from a licensed health care provider of having recovered from COVID-19 in the 90 days preceding travel.  Check the CDC website for additional information and Frequently Asked Questions.

There is a Level 3 Travel Advisory recommending U.S. citizens to reconsider travel to the Dominican Republic due to health and safety measures and COVID-19-related conditions.

The U.S Embassy in the Dominican Republic also provides a list of the laboratories that offer COVID-19 Testing in the in Punta Cana. Refer to the list below. Click Here to see the list of the laboratories recommend by the U.S. Embassy in the Dominican Republic.

You can also contact the hotel that you are planning to stay to ask them if the tests are provided at their facilities. Please try to make all preparations and have all information available before you travel.

We provide ground transportation to all resorts in Punta Cana. Check our website and book your Punta Cana Airport Transfer. Click Here.

Everyone Needs a Backup Plan

We have seen how travel has increased compared to last year. Therefore, being flexible is one of the most important things to keep in mind when traveling nowadays more than ever. Because depending on the country and circumstances regarding COVID-19 cases, some rules and travel regulations can change from one day to the next. Travel insurance is something that some consider because it could save you time and money. Some policies can cover trip cancellation/interruption, emergency medical expenses and even issues with baggage. If you are looking for alternatives and a backup plan, make sure to compare so you can get the best travel insurance coverage and that can secure your future trip plans.

Happy Vacationing from Vacation Shuttles.

Punta Cana – Know Before You Go

Punta Cana Travel Guide

Most likely you already know at which Punta Cana all-inclusive resort you will be staying, but before you get there, we want to share our Punta Cana Travel Guide.

Punta Cana is a region in the Dominican Republic with miles paradise shoreline, and it has become a common first choice for a Caribbean vacation destination. Punta Cana all-inclusive resorts, white sand beaches, clear waters, mud buggy rides, horseback riding, fishing, and golf attract travelers from every corner of the world. If you are looking for the best all-inclusive vacation, Punta Cana is the place to travel to.We have created a list of the things to know before you to Punta Cana.

Entry to the Dominican Republic

The following is required to enter the Dominican Republic: two blank pages on a valid passport, $10USD to pay for a 30 day tourist card that could be purchased at the customs and immigration desk, you will also need to pay for $20USD departure tax, this cost is mostly included in your airfare  (verify with the airline).

Pre-Arrange Airport Transportation

Not pre-arranging your transportation could turn into a very stressful and expensive situation. After you grab your bags and head outside, there will be a lot of people offering you transportation services and excursions that may be up to 35% more expensive than a pre-booked transportation service or guided tours. Check out our flat rate and discounted from Punta Cana International Airport to all Punta Cana Resorts, Bavaro, Uvero Alto, and La Romana. We have the lowest prices for Private Shuttle Transportation in Punta Cana, Click Here! 

Dollars are accepted

If you are sticking to tourist areas, there is no need to pay a fee to exchange dollar for pesos. Everyone in Punta Cana takes dollars, restaurants, excursions, tips, etc. Make sure to have small bills; it will make it all much convenient.

Heavy Clouds

Your weather app will not be your best reference for weather in Punta Cana. There could be occasional rain and clouds because it is a tropical place. The weather apps will show an all day long forecast when its only clouds and rain for a short period. Don’t focus on the apps and be ready to enjoy the fantastic beaches and adventures.

Keep the Top

There are not many topless beaches in Punta Cana. It is best to keep the top on most beaches. The Dominican Republic has solid religious roots, and beach nudity is mostly frond upon.


All staff in Punta Cana accepts tipping (‘propinas’ in Spanish) with an open heart. When you get the experience, the level of service provided at all resorts in Punta Cana (the Dominican Republic in general) tipping feels like the best way to appreciate the fantastic treatment that all staff offers. Most locals that work in tourism are not well paid, so tipping a couple of dollars shows the appreciation of the excellent service they provide. You are not expected to give a tip for every single cocktail that you have, but a token of your appreciation could go a long way for those who are serving you.

Water is Save Depending Where You Stay

Tap Water in Punta Cana does not go through filtration systems. All hotels supply their guests with as much bottled water as they need. Be cautious not to drink tap water when you are taking a shower; keep your mouth closed. Use bottled water to brush your teeth and ask the restaurants staff if your food was cleaned and cooked with filter water. Take these precautions when you are not staying at a large resort.

You have nothing to worry about at large resorts.  Large resorts chains only serve filter waters to their guests. You don’t have to worry about the quality of the water. Resorts at Punta Cana are always concerned about the well being of their guest, so all natural juices and food are prepared with filter water.

Gift Shops

The Dominican Republic has the most excellent variety of coffee, rum, cacao, and mamajuana  ( a local that contains barks and roots infused with wine, rum, and honey). So forget about your typical souvenirs and take back home real Dominican culture.

Party Life

Dominicans are serious about their parties, and they really can party. Many hotels have night clubs/discos that stay open until very late hours. Be ready to have fun until 15 in the morning (hasta la quince)

Nothing at Walking Distance

Punta Cana is mostly a resort area, so keep in mind that there are no towns close by, the nearest town could be 30 minutes away, and they should not be ventured on your own.  To get to the capital, Santo Domingo is 2 hours and a half ride.

The bottom line is, pre-arrange all your activities to save time and money.